AD991011G DDS Signal Module PC Software STM32 Sample Arbitrary Signal

AD991011G DDS Signal Module PC Software STM32 Sample Arbitrary Signal
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AD9910 1Ghz DDSSpecial price module

One、Module characteristics:

1、AD9910Modules are built by senior engineers,PCBBeautiful appearance,Reasonable layout and design,Pay attention to materials,The pursuit of nanoelectronics is detail.;

2、AD9910Control of all modulesIOExternal connection,Suitable for customers who need full functionality,Can be used for secondary development

3、AD9910Characteristics;The main functions are as follows::a、Automatic Linear Frequency/phase/Amplitude Scanning Function;b、8Species frequency、Phase and Amplitude Modulation Mode;c、Single frequency mode,Support frequency、phase、Adjustable amplitude;

4、Provide based onSTM32OfDemoprogram,Quick completionAD9910Simple Control,Such as frequency、Range、Phase control。OrdinaryIOoperation,Very easy to transplant to any control chip;

5、Module adoptionUSBInterface,It can be used directly.USBpower supply,Easy to use;

6、AD9910Introduction of Chip Function:

a、1 GSPSInternal clock rate(The height is400 MHzAnalog output),Two-way differential signal output;

b、14Bit Amplitude Register,Range16384Level fine adjustable;

c、32Bit accumulator,frequency resolution0.23HZ;

d、16Bit Phase Register,Phase Resolution0.0055degree;

e、Independent ProgrammableDACOutput current;

f、AD9910Adopt advancedDDSPatent technology,Greatly reduce power consumption;

i、Excellent dynamic performance:>80 dB narrowbandSFDR;

j、phase noise:≤–125 dBc/Hz @ 1 kHzdeviation(400 MHzcarrier);

k、8Species frequency、Phase and amplitude migration forms;

l、Automatic linear or arbitrary frequency/phase/Amplitude Scanning Function;

m、High Speed Parallel Data Input Port Can Realize Frequency、phase、Direct Modulation of Amplitude or Pole;

n、AD9910Integrating staticRAM,Supportable frequency、Phase sum/Or multiple combinations of amplitude modulation。

o、Output tape400MhzLow-pass filter;

See More Chip FunctionsAD9910OfDatasheet。


Two、Modular measured waveform:

50HZ sine wave


1M sine wave

50M sine wave

100M sine wave

200M sine wave

300M sine wave

400M sine wave



Three、Application of Module:

1、Agile local oscillator(LO)frequency synthesis

2、Programmable Clock Generator

3、For Radar and Scanning SystemsFMfm source

4、Testing and measuring equipment

5、Acousto-optic device driver

6、Polarization Modulator

7、Fast frequency hopping



Four、Module performance parameters:

1、 Development board andAD9910Modules are all5Vpower supply,It can be passed directly.USB(5Vpower supply)Or development board heelAD9910Module independence5Vpower supply(If work frequency is high or long-term,It is suggested to adopt the latter method of power supply.);

2、output frequency0---400M,Resolution is0.23HZOr above;

3、Output amplitude0—1VPP(1MHigh resistance),Amplitude decreases with frequency,The resolution of the magnitude is16384level。

4、Phase Resolution:0.0055degree。

Five、 Kit:

1、AD9910Modular 1block

2、Functional Assessment Board 1block

3、USBLine One article

4、AD9910Schematic diagram(PDF),STM32F103Development board schematic diagram(PDF);

5、Provide based onSTM32OfDemoProcedures andPCcontrol software,Quick completionAD9910Simple Control;Such as frequency、Range、Phase control;


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