AD9910 1G DDS Signal Module PC Software STM32 Sample Arbitrary Signal Electronic Competition

AD9910 1G DDS Signal Module PC Software STM32 Sample Arbitrary Signal Electronic Competition
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1. Module characteristics:

1, the AD9910 module is built by senior engineers, the appearance of PCB is beautiful, the layout and design are reasonable, the material is exquisite, the nanoscale pursuit is the details.

2, the AD9910 module is fully controlled by IO, suitable for customers with complete functions and can be used for the two development..

3, the characteristics of AD9910; the main functions are:A, automatic linear frequency / phase / amplitude scanning function, B, 8 kinds of frequency, phase and amplitude modulation mode, C and single frequency mode, supporting frequency, phase and amplitude adjustable.

4, the Demo program based on STM32 can quickly complete the simple control of AD9910, such as frequency, amplitude, and phase control. Simple IO operation, very easy to transplant to any control chip;

5, the module uses the USB interface, which can be directly supplied by USB and is convenient to use.

6, AD9910 chip function introduction:

A, 1 GSPS internal clock rate (up to 400 MHz analog output), two channel differential signal output;

B, 14 bit register, amplitude 16384 fine adjustable;

C, 32 bit accumulator, frequency resolution 0.23HZ;

D, 16 bit phase register, phase resolution 0.0055 degrees;

E, independent programmable DAC output current;

F and AD9910 adopt advanced DDS patent technology, which greatly reduces power consumption.

I, excellent dynamic performance: > 80 dB narrow band SFDR;

J, phase noise: ≤ – 125 dBc/Hz @ 1 kHz offset (400 MHz carrier);

K, 8 kinds of frequency, phase and amplitude shift;

L, automatic linear or arbitrary frequency / phase / amplitude scan function;

M, high speed parallel data input port can realize direct modulation of frequency, phase, amplitude or pole.

N and AD9910 are integrated with static RAM, which can support a variety of combinations of frequency, phase and / or amplitude modulation.

O,The low pass filter with the output end with 400Mhz;

For more chip functions, look at the Datasheet of AD9910.


TwoThe measured waveform of the module is:

50HZ sine wave


1M sine wave

50M sine wave

100M sine wave

200M sine wave

300M sine wave

400M sine wave



Three. Application of modules:

1, frequency synthesis of agility local oscillator (LO)

2. Programmable clock generator

3. FM FM source for radar and scanning system

4, testing and measuring equipment

5, acoustooptic device driver

6, polarization modulator

7. Fast frequency hopping

8, AD9910chipStudy;


Four. Module performance parameters:

1, both the development board and the AD9910 module are 5V power supply, which can be powered directly through the USB (5V power supply) or the development board and independent 5V power supply with the AD9910 module.If the working frequency is high or long-term, it is suggested that the following power supply method be adopted);

2. The output frequency 0---400M,Resolution is0.23HZ or above;

3, the output amplitude 0— 1VPP (1M high resistance), the amplitude will decrease with the frequency, and the resolution of the amplitude is 16384.

4. Phase resolution: 0.0055 degrees.


1, AD9910 module 1 block

2. Functional assessment board 1

3, USB line one

4, AD9910 schematic diagram (PDF), STM32F103 development board schematic diagram (PDF);

5, provide STM32 based Demo program and PC control software, which can quickly complete the simple control of AD9910.Such as frequency, amplitude, phase control;

If you need STM32F103 emulator and test line, please contact customer service to buy.

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