5MHz DDS Function Signal Generator Module Wave

5MHz DDS Function Signal Generator Module Wave
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AD9854 digital synthesizer is a highly integrated device that uses advanced DDS technology, built two high-speed, high performance quadrature DAC, together form a digitally programmable I and Q synthesizer. When precision clock source as a reference, AD9854 generates highly stable frequency - phase, amplitude-programmable sine and cosine outputs can be used as communications, radar, and many other applications agile LO. Innovative high speed DDS core provides 48-bit frequency resolution (using the 300 MHz SYSCLK, the tuning resolution of 1 μHz). 17 can be maintained to ensure that the device has excellent spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR).

AD9854\'s circuit architecture allows the generation of frequencies up to 150 MHz synchronous quadrature output signal, the output signal can be at the highest rate per 100 million new frequencies will be digitally tuned. Internal comparator can be (through an external filter) sine wave output is converted to a square wave for agile clock generator applications. The device provides two 14-bit phase registers and a single pin for BPSK operation.

For higher-order PSK operation, the use of I / O interfaces can be implemented phase changes. 12 I and Q DAC and innovative DDS architecture with, provides excellent wideband and narrowband output spurious free dynamic range (SFDR). If you do not orthogonal function Q DAC can also be configured as a user-programmable control DAC. When configuring the comparator 12 controls DAC also helps control static duty cycle in high-speed clock generator applications.

Two 12-bit digital multiplier output programmable quadrature amplitude modulation, the switching output shaped keying, and precise amplitude control. The device also has a linear frequency modulation (Chirp) function, easy to sweep wide bandwidth applications. AD9854 has a programmable 4 × to 20 × REFCLK multiplier circuit, when you can use a lower frequency external reference clock is internally generated 300 MHz system clock, so that users realize the 300 MHz system clock source, saving costs, but also to solve the problem ʱ??

Single-ended or differential inputs can directly handle 300 MHz clock rate. The device supports single-pin, conventional FSK and quality enhancement of the frequency spectrum gradient FSK. AD9854 uses advanced 0.35 μm CMOS technology to achieve the advanced features, while a single 3.3 V power supply.

Tone frequency synthesizer AD9854 and AD9852 is pin-compatible, rated temperature range of -40 ° C to + 85 ° C industrial temperature range.

Chip Features:

1,300 MHz internal clock rate

2, FSK, BPSK, PSK, chirp, AM operation

3, two integrated 12-bit DAC (DAC)

4, ultra-high-speed comparators, rms jitter: 3 ps

5, outstanding dynamic performance: 80 dB SFDR (100 MHz ± 1 MHz AOUT)

6,4 × to 20 × programmable reference clock multiplier

7, two 48-bit programmable frequency register

8, two 14-bit programmable phase offset registers

9,12-bit programmable amplitude modulation and switching output shaped keying function

10, a single-pin FSK and BPSK data interfaces

11, providing PSK function through the input / output interface

12, linear or nonlinear FM chirp functions with single pin frequency hold function

Chip Applications:

1, a quadrature LO Frequency Agile

2, Programmable Clock Generator

3, radar and scanning systems FM chirp source

4, test and measurement equipment

5. Commercial and amateur RF exciter



Package includes:

1PCS High-speed AD9854 DDS signal generator module development board Evaluation Board